Taurus 24/7 Pro .40 S&W

January 29, 2007

I bought a Taurus 24/7 Pro in .40 S&W on Saturday and I must say that it is in fact a badass pistol. Just holding the pistol you can tell. It has a nice balance to it and even with a fully loaded 15 round clip, it is still not that heavy. I have not been able to make it out to the range yet but I will this weekend and I’ll keep you all posted. Until then here are some pics.

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  1. Badass…. yup holding it WILL tell.
    It’s a MAGAZINE not a clip dumbass.

  2. Sure sure whatever jackass. You probably don’t know the first thing about guns. The first thing you are going to look for in a gun is the caliber followed by how the gun feels in your hand. If you are going to be firing the gun alot you want it to be comfortable. And also jackass, magazine and clip is JUST A DIFFERENCE IN NOMENCLATURE!

    • the only guns that has a “clip” is a m1 grand jackass.

  3. Magazine Mike…you’re a dick. Not cool… Taurus pistols are awesome, and yeah, you can pretty much tell just by holding it. Feels good, looks good, and they shoot nice too. I’ve got the Taurus PT945 in stainless steel w/gold accents and pearl grips. It’s a bad ass gun too, as you’ll find true about most Taurus’s.

  4. Thank you JoJo!

  5. I also have the Taurus 24/7 pro .40. Great pistol, only problem is that the second mag/clip (to whom perfers which) jams ALOT. I do alot of personal security for others, whichs means I have to trust my firearms, and in the case of this handgun, I love it.

  6. I just bought one the other day. It seems like a decent firearm. But the extra long trigger pull blows. I put several hundred rounds throu it and beyond 25 ft could not get a tight spread. But it would be a good carry weapon..

  7. Just purchased a Taurus .40 24/7 pro. Havnt shot it yet, but it feels like a great well balanced gun. Most definatley outperforms my Hi Point 45. Now looking into the Taurus 9mm 17+1

  8. I have the 24/7 Pro in .40S&W and this is a fantastic pistol. It is perfectly balanced, whether loaded or unloaded. The grip is pleasing to anyone that holds the gun in their hands.

    Performance? I read above someone couldn’t get a tight “spread” whatever that meant beyond 25ft. I think they meant “group” I can get a 2.5 inch group consistently at 20 yards!

    The gun does take a bit getting used to when firing due to the long trigger pull. It is an excellent carry gun, and this is my personal choice as my ccw gun on a daily basis.

  9. I have a 24/7 pro .40 and this gun is awsome, I have fired abunch of shells out of this gun and its never jammed, the long trigger pull is for safety but once you have pulled the trigger you dont have to let the trigger release all the way back just squeeze the trigger and hold it dam near where it fires off at and then squeeze again. It shoots fast as hell. again this is a awsome Gun. FlintTown!!!

  10. I completely agree, I have been recommending these pistols up and down all over the place. And thank you for you service brother.

    @RDavis, the earliest 24/7 models featured DAO triggers but the Pro models superseded them with their SA/DA triggers. A bit more friendly for accuracy with it, at least to get used to 🙂

  11. I just bought a taurus for my 21 b-day it is an amazing gun. ive shot my fair share of pistols and it has a good grip that fits nice, good weight, really accurate and the rail makes it more customizable. Ive had the same jamming problem too chris. sometimes its the type of rounds you use. i use Winchester most of the time for target. and i use federal premium and hornady alternating in the same magazine and it always jams on the hornady….i took the spring out of the magazine and clipped a small section of the spring to allow for some slack.its fixed the problem. i know that it will shorten the life of the magazine but in the end i would trade a magazine for my life.

  12. m planning to buy one and use it for the production division in the i.p.s.c. . has anyone got this experience?

    chris rom the philippines

  13. I bought one, feels awesome, but yet to have the opportunity to fire. Looking for a smaller hand gun than this one for wife. Anyone interested in purchasing this gun.

  14. i put mine in a vise at 25yrds 1.5 inch average group in 50 rnds none were over 2inches

  15. i should add its 9mm

  16. what is badass?????????

  17. I just bought mine today and have yet to fire it. the balance and comfort of the gun is very nice. it has a feel that is very close to the glock but is better with its ribbed grips. I have heard that the .40 cal tends to jam but don’t know.

    • jams with lighter weight bullets, use 180grain and it wont jam even the hollow points go good through it.

  18. i should add that i have had many Tuaruses including 38 special pt 1911 and most resent a .454 casual raging bull and in my opinion Taurus is right up there with all other manufacturers!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hi,i´m a brazilian police officer and i just bought my 24/7 pro,yet not had chance to shoot with it,but my PT 940 it´s a very good gun and shoots with no jams.It´s a very bad thing that here in Brazil( the home of Taurus ) that only army peolple( i was one too)can use .45 caliber.I would like to shoot a 24/7 in this caliber.

  20. My 24/7 is the most comfortable pistol I have carried on a daily basis some times I forget it is there. Trigger pull is longer than most but very light with one in the chamber. Grouping has never been an issue although CC for your life grouping is not the most important thing its access and reliability. Its always there when I need it and I work in Bmore and Wash DC. Which means CC and reliability is key. If you have the chance pick one up…

  21. Clip and magazine are not the same thing, and no it is not just a difference in nomenclature. A magazine is a device that ammunition can go into and feed the weapon. It can be removed, reloaded, etc. A clip is a device, mainly used in old WWII rifles, such as the M1 Garand, that is inserted into the chamber through the top of the rifle, and all rounds in the clip must be exhauasted before the weapon is reloaded. If you have seen movies such as Saving Private Ryan, you may remember a “cling” noise as an American soldier ran out of ammo and needed to reload. That “cling” was the sound of the small metal device that held 8 rounds together…..the clip. So please dont call what goes into semi-auto pistols, a clip…..its a magazine, or if you want to be cool, a “mag”

  22. I’m thinking about getting a used one .40 24/7 pro that someone offered to me for $450. Is that a reasonable price, this would be my first handgun and have no idea what I’m shopping for or looking at.

  23. I bought mine new for $375 so I don’t think that is a fair price but it depends on where you are and the price in you area.

  24. I just purchased a PT 24/7 pro DS .40 after getting back from the range today and it does feel awesome in the hand, nice grip and as others have said, feels well balanced. I will be taking it out to the range tomorrow to see how it performs. So far, it seems to be an awesome gun and this version won the 2007 gun of the year award. I just hope it performs as well.


  25. Good luck on finding a holster. Other than a fobus any suggestions for the pt 24/7 pro .40

  26. Question – I have a Taurus PT145 and I LOVE it. How does this model compare as far as width? I like that my PT145 is narrow which is better for CCW. Is this wider or narrower? Thanks for any input.


  27. 16 rounds of .40 cal. S&W is badass by any standard. 99.9 percent of weapons can shoot better than most people holding them, so if you can’t keep taurus 9mm, .40 cal., or 45 cal. in the black at 25 yards, wait until they are closer. 7-10 yards is the distance at which the majority of handgun exchanges occur.

  28. i have a brand new .40 24/7 pro,i have heared that .40 cal tends to jam, and if its true whats the reason beyond and how to avoid this

    • Hello DGS,

      I have shot just around 450 rounds through my .40 24/7 and have not had any jams and has worked flawlessly. Love the gun and will have this one around a very long time.

      Good shooting,

      • hi david,
        thanks for sharing me about your expirience through your .40 24/7.can you recommend the brand of amunition that is reliable to use,you know this is my first time to have a gun.

  29. Hello DGS,

    Thanks for the response and as for Ammo, Remington is great ammo and I keep some for home use only. As for the range, I use Federal or Winchester. This ammo seems to be ok, a little dirty in that you will notice your gun does get pretty dirty after firing 2 or 3 boxes. I am sure that there are plenty of people here that may give you their opinions on ammo as everyone has their different experiences and such but so far, I have not had any problems with mine with the above mentioned ammo choices.

    Good luck,

  30. hi david,
    thanks for the advice,have a nice day

  31. i recently purchased a taurus 24/7 pro .40 and i can’t wait 4 it 2 come in!!! Thanx guys 4 the great discussion about it, i know without a doubt it will be a great handgun 2 own!!! I soon will post my OWN review about my taurus, so be on the lookout!!!

  32. I just bought one this past Saturday Its supposed to come tomorrow or Tuesday. I can’t wait to get it in my hot little hands.

  33. Hey Mike,

    I hope you like yours just as much as I love mine, I took mine out this last Friday and put another 150 rounds through it and it worked flawlessly. I sure love this gun and might be looking into the 9mm slim version as well for a concealed weapon on the ankle. It’s the TAURUS’ Slim 709. So far I am very, very happy with this gun.

  34. What brand and grain ammo are you guys shooting from the 24/7 pro .40 cal

  35. Is this Taurus a good gun? Does it jam? I have Been looking at a new one that has a 3 point safety.

  36. To Himsmyboy,

    This is a great gun, I have shot many rounds, (Blazer, Federal, Remington) and no jams or any other type of failures. An awesome piece of machinery and well worth the price. By in comparison is not bad at all. Good luck.

    • I just bought a holster for my pt 24/7 40 cal. It’s made by Taurus and is a paddle holster. I personally love the thing. Cost me $35.00 including tax. I can send pix if u wanna see it. Just let me know.

  37. I’m about to get my pistol licence and I can’t wait to get this gun I was really going to get the compact .45 or the .40 cal for the size and capabilities but this gun is just a little bigger and seems like it will fit perfectly in my hands to carry as an armed guard but I love the look of the gun and the fact that it holds more ammo that really sold me!

  38. To: Magazine Mike
    You’re a loser for sure. Your comments suggest that you were rejected for the military or either kicked out because you were not man enough to be a soldier.
    No doubt this young soldier knows more about weapons than you could ever hope to.

  39. Does anyone know if the Taurus 24/7 Pro .40 can be converted to 9mm?

  40. Kevin no need to just buy the 24/7 pro 9mm as far as conversion there is not a kit for it.

  41. I’ve bought a Taurus 24/7 .40 An also a .45 both shoot very good to me. I carry both of them on me 1 in a waist hoslter an the other one in a shoulder hoslter. I traing myself to shoot with my left hand also getting better at shooting with my letf hand.

  42. Taurus 24/7 .40 no gun can mach with this its a grate gun ever i have used in my life time,i was surprised with it’s stopping power.

  43. I had a PT 24/7 PRO .4O Cal but lost in pawn. i have not found another but found the DS. would the old clip fit the DS?

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